Smartest Deals You Can Expect for Auto Insurance Now

Smartest Deals You Can Expect for Auto Insurance Now

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American public organizations, state bodies and the media constantly keep their insurers “in good shape,” not allowing them to earn super profits on credulous insurers. Without denying the very idea of ​​insurance, they constantly publish all sorts of instructions with recommendations for choosing insurance and an insurance company aimed at saving people’s money.

The “insured event” decided to see how the advice from the western hemisphere is applicable to reality. Have we really fallen behind progressive humanity? Is it so well in the States?

  1. You are lucky if you have a familiar agent who can give valuable recommendations on car insurance, because you cannot figure out all the details in detail.

Such a maxim immediately destroys the myth of universal insurance literacy, which reigns “over the hill”. Without a specialist, everything is bad. With the affordable full coverage auto insurance you can surely expect the best deals now.

  1. Define the overall insurance premium. Almost half of the insurance premium, according to the tariffs, will depend on how often you use the car, from the number of previous fines and accidents.

State insurance do not depend on the frequency of use of the car, nor on the number of previous fines. The previous accident rate can be indicated in the application form of some programs, but in most cases the company is not interested in the number of accidents, but in the number of insurance payments for previous periods. The link “insurers – road police” in our country does not work.

  1. Learn as much as possible about the companies offering car insurance. At the moment, there are thousands of companies in the market that provide similar services. Do not just talk with just one agent, contact several people at once. This will help you save a lot of money.
  2. Look for discounts. Many insurers provide discounts when buying two or more different policies. In addition, you are entitled to a discount if the car has airbags, alarms, etc.

On account of the pillows do not know (probably their presence can affect the tariff for insurance of passengers from an accident), and the level of signaling and the conditions of night storage of the car affect the fare for the hull is significant. Keep cars in guarded parking lots!

  1. Own retention of the policyholder. This is part of the damage that remains at the risk of the insured and is not covered by insurance compensation. Increasing your part of the responsibility, you can reduce the monthly amount of payments.


If you take the consequences of small accidents on yourself, then you get a substantial discount for participation in large ones. Mathematics, she is a mathematician in America. The probability of small accidents is higher – higher and the tariff, if not taken into account – the tariff is reduced.

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